About Tula Retreats

200 RYT Yoga Alliance / Yoga Therapist / Y12SR Leader / Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Tyler Miscannon founder of Always Sunny Yoga has been teaching yoga and group fitness for over four years and practicing yoga for ten years. Tyler has undergone training in Trauma Informed Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Yoga for 12 Step Addiction Recovery in addition to teaching private yoga, kids yoga and beer yoga (for the light hearted).

Tyler began her yoga journey whilst in high school attending a yoga class each morning with her mom before school. Tyler originally went to yoga for the physical benefits but soon discovered the deep powers of yoga on our whole being.

Tyler believes that we all have a light inside of us no matter how dim or dark it might feel at times. Arriving on our mat, whatever that looks like for each of us individually, is the original groundwork for svadhyaya, self study, and our chance to live with kindness, grow and shine our light. Tyler started Always Sunny so she could teach and learn from others as we build and mould ourselves and the world around us.

“We all hold a deep power inside of us - this power is our light. This power can change our perspective - it can change our lives at any time. The key to unlocking it is within our practice.

But yoga doesn’t only happen on our mat. Yoga is there anytime we connect with ourselves, when we feel love for others, when we use the light within us to spread kindness in the world and shine our way out of darkness.”

Retreat Leader
After receiving an autoimmune diagnosis in early 2018, Carolyn sought relief through meditation, diet and yoga. During her research to understand the disease she propelled herself into the practice and began to manage her symptoms. It was through connecting to the mat, that Carolyn understood the importance of balance and the positive impacts it had both physically and mentally.

Studying design and fine art in her early twenties, coupled with a decade long career in event and project management, Carolyn launched Yogat in December 2018. Since then, she has collaborated with over twelve Australian artists and sold numerous limited edition, eco-friendly yoga mats.

“Art has the power to shift perspectives, evoke emotions and inspire creative thought. Combine art with yoga and you have a powerful formula for positive impact.”

Retreat Nutrition Coach and Chef

Tenealle Smith, Nutrition Coach and founder of Nourish With Nealle has always had a passion for food and how it can bring people together. Her passion for nutrition flourished when faced with personal and family health issues. Discovering the power of whole foods and how what we eat can affect not only our health but our overall well being. Following her own research and self discovery Tenealle decided to undertake a Diploma of Nutrition. Graduating earlier this year she has now progressed into her Bachelor of Nutrition.

Tenealle currently works with clients assisting them to discover the benefits of eating whole foods, whilst nourishing both their body and soul. She also has a passion for creating amazing recipes based upon whole foods that taste wonderful. Tenealle founded her coaching business Nourish With Nealle with the goal of spreading the message of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle through the consumption of whole foods. She strongly believes that our body is our only home in this life and we should invest in protecting and caring for it starting with the food we consume.

Tula welcomes all levels, from beginners to seasoned yogis.
We can cater to individual dietary requirements and strive to use local produce during all Tula retreats.
Couples, groups and solo yogis are welcome to attend our retreats.
You will learn about yoga, meditation, and enjoy art therapy.
We supply sparkling wine on arrival and are happy for guests to byo.
Parking available.