Katy Dee

Katy Dee is a surface design artist based on the mid north coast of Australia. Her mantra is ''My life is full of prints, my prints are full of life''.

She creates original, fun, bold and playful artworks often inspired by botanics and the surrounding environment. Since leaving Sydney last year she has found herself inspired by the lush rainforests, tropical foliage and all the wildlife that inhabits these areas. Her quirky style is an extension of her cheerful personality and this shines through her colourful, uplifting work.

After completing a degree in Three dimensional design she has studied various mediums over the years including silversmithing, screenprinting, graphic design and most recently digital textile design where she found her true passion. She now creates unique print designs for various surfaces including fashion and interiors that bring joy into the world.

All her artworks begin as paintings, drawings or hand cut paper collages. She spends a long time on the creative process before scanning them and then digitally editing them, creating repeat or placement prints depending on the project.

Katy has a textiles & print based label called @Shiztastic which is a collection of scarves, accessories and homewares are statements of colour that show a lust for life, will bring a smile to your face, and fun to your heart and home. All the artwork is created from her original designs and the products are then made with love either by the artist herself or by a local maker.

She is proud to say that @shiztastic is considered to be part of the slow fashion movement, this is something she is very passionate about and is always looking for ways to be more sustainable and kind to our beautiful planet.

She endeavours to promote these ideas through her art practice.

Fire in the Sky


‘Fire in the sky’ began as an original painting inspired by a beautiful winter camping trip in Uki with a view of Mt Warning. We had a big fire going and the colours surrounding us were so vibrant, lush and deep. The weather was warm and the stars were sensational, I wanted to reflect this feeling and awe of both fire nature in the artwork. 

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