Tips for keeping up your yoga routine while travelling

Yoga Travel

Pack the right Gear

Whenever I travel, be it a work trip or a few nights away at the beach, I always pack my Yogat yoga towel and a stretch strap. Says Cas Cooke, Founder of Yogat. "Our towels are so versatile - not only great for yoga, but prefect for the sauna or as a beach towel.  It also folds down to nothing, which is helpful as I tend to be an over-packer!"

Carve out “Yoga Time”

If you like to keep a tight itinerary, try scheduling "yoga time" in your diary and then simply practice your favourite flow from the comfort of your hotel room. Simply practice a well-known flow or use an App like Down Dog to give you some inspiration. 

Get out into the Great Outdoors

There are so many advantages to practicing yoga outside, from developing inner strength and stability to reducing pain, balance hormone levels, and manage free radical oxidation during the act of Grounding. And what's even better, you don't need a yoga mat on hand.  Just simply find a level surface and your on your way to being one with nature!

You Don't Need a Yoga Mat

Remember yoga practice is far more than just asana.  Without even having a yoga mat you can practice pranayama and take some deep, calming breaths. Pranayama helps to develop breath control and improve mental well-being. Its also believed to help detoxify your body - perfect for keeping you calm and focused during a busy work trip.

Join a Local Class 

No matter where in the world, it's likely you'll find a yoga studio close by. There are plenty of Apps to help you find classes on the go or check in with your Hotel's reception for tips on local studios. 

Improvise Props

For those who like to practice with props, but don't want the hassle of carting them along for the ride - it's time to get creative.  Rolled up towels are good for block replacements and chairs can be used for those with chronic pain or like a slower practice as it helps to stay stabilized. 

Try the Hotel Classes

Most large hotels are now offering yoga classes.  Check in with reception and see what's on offer.  You may find a class much closer than you think!

Incorporate a Yoga Retreat into Your Travels

Maybe it's time to make your next holiday solely about you and book a yoga retreat.  Yoga retreats are prefect for those wanting time, space and support to reach their yoga goals. It's also great for those wanting to disconnect from technology, and detox the mind body and soul.