Our Story

Art has the power to shift perspectives, evoke emotions and inspire creative thought. Combine art with yoga and you have a powerful recipe for positive impact.

With a creative background and love of yoga, I knew the two would go hand-in-hand and in 2018 launched Yogat with the desire to create a product that would inspire people to take more time out for themselves, reconnect.

From canvas to mat, we work closely with Australian contemporary artists, creating limited edition collections that feature original artwork. Our aim to bolster the arts community and shine a spotlight on the rich diversity of talent we have in Australia.

When creating the brand, it was paramount that we contributed to environmental sustainability, so we strive to minimise plastics during the shipping process and ship products in compostable packaging. We work with ethically compliant manufacturing companies and use tree rubber and natural dyes to create mats that are 100% biodegradable.

We like to think of Yogat as art for your floor and your practice.

Carolyn Cooke Yogat Creator