Our Story

"Art has the power to shift perspectives, evoke emotions and inspire creative thought. Combined with yoga, and you have a powerful formula for positive impact."

- Cas Cooke, Yogat Founder and CEO

Yogat Founder Cas Cooke

It all started in a hot yoga studio.

Recovering from a health diagnosis, and juggling a stressful corporate career, Cas Cooke found herself drawn to the mat, not only to help her physically, but emotionally too. It became a space to heal and rejuvenate.

It wasn’t long before she started to notice the tired mats on offer. Armed with a newfound love of yoga, and a background in art, she knew the power the practices held, and combined the two to create a product that would inspire others.

“Having actively worked through a neurological illness, I felt it was my responsibility to create something that could help others.  The world in 2022 is anything but simple - it’s overwhelming and complex, so it’s important we educate others of the importance of carving out time for ourselves, to help counterbalance the busy-ness of life.” Says Cas.

Since their humble beginnings in 2018, Yogat has gone on to stock yoga studios, gift stores and gyms in and around Australia and continues to sell online to customers across the globe.  But it’s the artists that Cas contributes to their success and since that very first design, have collaborated with over thirty Australian artists, showcasing a myriad of styles ranging from abstract, graffiti, contemporary to aboriginal art.

In parallel, Cas continues to work tirelessly to ensure the final products are of a high standard and can pass the green test. Working with their manufacturer, the yogat yoga mat, and now Pilates mat are made from ethically sourced tree rubber and contain no plastics, PVC or latex.  

While Cas knew their mission to inspire people to invest in their physical welling was anything short of ambitious, their consistent approach and dedication to community health has caught the eye of television producers, major publications and recently the Brisbane Festival.  Yogat may be a small Brisbane-based brand, but their global reach is an exciting opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of others. 

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Our Environmental Responsibility

When developing the range, it was paramount that yogat products wouldn't end up as landfill. With a environmental responsibility at the forefront, Yogat continually looks for ways to improve and minimise their carbon footprint.

We do this by using tree rubber and natural dyes in the manufacturing of our yoga and Pilates mats, minimise plastics during the shipping process and opt for sea rather than air freight to reduce our emissions. 

How to Recycle or Upcycle your Workout Mat

There are many ways to recycle your workout mat, including donating, upcycling, recycling, composting, and repurposing. By choosing to recycle your yoga mat, you can reduce waste and give it a new life, while also helping to protect the environment.

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