Heidi Lou Design

Heidi is a talented artist and designer, and a curve model. Both avenues of her work allow her to pursue her passionate advocacy for body positivity and self love. 

A self-confessed women’s empowerment advocate, Heidi is determined to guide women to own their power. 

A keen artist since the time she was little, Heidi has sold her artworks to collectors in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the rest of the world, including Canada, Ireland and even Finland. 

Heidi's art features digital drawings of real women and their bodies, in an attempt to showcase how we are all different, unique and beautiful in our own way. Each drawing is special because it is glorifies a real female body to reveal what's often hidden beneath – raw and unfiltered beauty. 

Heidi's artwork has resonated with a number of women who have written in to share their personal stories of how her art has inspired them to accept and love their bodies just the way they are – a true testament to Heidi's talents and how therapeutic art can be in times where women and girls are constantly bombarded by negative body image messaging, particularly on social media platforms. 


Artists words

I wanted this piece to celebrate the love of yoga, no matter your size, shape or experience level. I have dabbled in and out of yoga since I was 12 years old.

The love for my body and the need for movement always brings me back to it.

Yoga isn’t reserved for certain body shapes. Your practice can be wild, it can be soft, just like we can be as women. 

I’ve drawn these shapes based off real women who posed for me, each one bringing their unique beauty to the piece. I hope ‘Belle’ inspires women as they go about their practice to show their bodies love through movement. 

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Yogat artist Heidi Lou Designs