Artist Private Label FAQs

If you have landed on this page, it means you've been exclusively invited to join the Private Label (PL) Artist Portfolio. [insert happy dance].

At yogat we recognise we do things a little out of the box, so understand you may have a few curly questions.  Below are some answers that will help you to better understand the Private Label and how you as an artist can benefit.

yogat Private Label


Can I opt out of being a PL artist?
Yes, you can opt out anytime by writing to us. Allow up to two weeks for your portfolio to be removed. 

What does it cost to be a PL artist?
There is a $199 + GST one-off admin fee to set up your portfolio.
A recurring monthly payment of $9.95 + GST to maintain your portfolio will be automatically deducted from your nominated account, each month from the date of the first purchase and for a period of 12-months.

Do I need to sign up each year to be a PL artist?
Towards the end of the 12-month PL portfolio period, we will be in touch to discuss future involvement and opportunities. Once a new MOU is signed, a new 12-month period will commence.

What does the portfolio page include?

  • Bio and profile image
  • Up to ten images of your recent work (artwork only)
  • Up to five lifestyle images showcasing your work
  • List of exhibitions, editorial tear sheets, and other highlights
  • Social media handles

Can I update my PL portfolio?
Yes, you are encouraged to update your portfolio page when a new piece of work is completed. New images can be sent to the yogat team for discussion and once confirmed allow up to five business days for the work to be added.

How much commission on each order will I receive?
The PL Client pays a one-off license fee for the sale of the artwork. This is based on order quantity. Shall the PL wish to re-order, they will be required to pay you an additional license fee as per the order quantity.

100-199 units $1000 +GST
200-499 units $1500 +GST
500-999 units $2500 +GST
1000-1499 units $3500 +GST
1500-1999 units $4500 +GST

Once a PL Client has selected my artwork, how long until I get paid?
Once the PL Client has signed the license agreement, our accounts team will issue an invoice. Once payment has been received, we will request an invoice from you, so that the license fee can be paid out accordingly.

Our payment terms for PL Clients are 14 business days.

Can the Private Label Client reuse my artwork?
Not unless they enter a new agreement, in which you will receive another license fee for the artwork.

Am I allowed to be represented by another agency?
Yes. The Private Label portfolio provides you with an opportunity to have your artwork represented by the yogat sales team in a non-exclusive capacity. When you join the Private Label portfolio, we request you sign a Memorandum of understanding (MOU), which is not a binding agreement but an outline that both parties (yogat and artist) agree to work together on certain conditions before signing the final agreement.

A final agreement will be signed, once a PL client selects and licenses a piece of your work. This agreement forms an exclusivity agreement for the use of that artwork for the duration of the contract term. i.e., order.

What happens if I sign an exclusivity agreement for a piece of artwork showcased on the PL portfolio with another agency or brand?
You must let us know immediately, so we can remove it from your portfolio page.

I'm ready to join up, what's the next step?
We’re beyond excited to have you on board. To get things underway, there are a couple of things you need to do:

The team will be in touch to welcome you to the PL portfolio, as well as to make a time to meet with you in person or via teams and finalise the paperwork (MOU).

Did we miss a question?
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