Bree Morrison


Bree Morrison spent her childhood growing up in a remote town exploring river banks and observing the ebb and flow of the changing seasons.  Her works are influenced by ecosystems and the shifting changes in light, landscapes and the life within them.

Bree's process sees her spending time observing and photographing the world around her, then painting intuitively, quickly and with little prior planning. In this way she is able to capture the mood or feeling of the piece, using vivid and earthy colour pallets, visible brush stokes, mark making textures and abstraction.

Her subject matter is drawn from nature, a snippet into an introspective world, and links to her nostalgic feelings and emotions reminiscent of childhood memories. She aims to bring forth the juxtaposition of the outer and inner world, communicating both whimsical beauty and meaningful connections to both nature and the ones we love.