Carley Cornelissen

Carley is an emerging Australian artist based in Brisbane, Queensland. Her contemporary works are beautiful, colourful and full of energy. Carley has strong feelings towards the way humans treat animals, this inspires her to use her work to highlight the influence of human population and greed on the environment. Each piece she creates holds a special meaning, hidden in the flowers, the insects, birds or animals. Carley’s pieces contain references to endangered fauna, extinct animals and wildlife at risk.

Carley likes to use her work to get people to think about how their actions affect the environment. Carley uses patterns and bold colours to provide a glimmer of hope and to help people realise that we as individuals can make a difference. She also uses transfers as she feels the image represents the fragility of the situation, it shows how endangered species are here but also almost gone.

Carley’s art has been shown all over the world to International Art Fairs and events. Her work has been sold in London, Sweden, Brussels, Milan, Hong Kong and Singapore. She was Retrospect Gallery’s artist of the month in May 2013 where her show sold out on the opening weekend. Throughout the past 5 years Carley has been a finalist in numerous art awards, and received a highly commended award in the Noosa Art Awards. 

Carley has been painting for over 20 years and holds a degree in fine arts painting from RMIT University in Melbourne. She works out of a studio in Brisbane, Queensland.

 Check out Carley's Collection Tranquility and Rainbows here!

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