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Xander Holliday

Xander Holliday is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice moves between both digital and traditional painting methods. Blending a bold sense of colour with graphic shapes, his work echoes a strong design sensibility with a nod to minimalism.

A self proclaimed art school drop out, Xander jumped between creative careers in fashion, hairdressing, graphic design and interior styling. Coming full circle, Xander has returned to art, seamlessly blending his many creative pursuits to create stunning and contemporary work.

Combining simplistic forms with a confident use of colour, his work explores visual landscapes in a playful, yet considered fashion.


Wildflower is a celebration of Australian native flora. Focusing in on a central bloom, the surrounding world disappears into form and colour. This piece captures that moment of taking pause to appreciate the beauty of our natural world.

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Instagram: @hello.xan