How To Choose The PERFECT Yoga Mat Thickness

How To Choose The PERFECT Yoga Mat Thickness

Getting the right thickness for a yoga mat is a game changer!

Not only will you need to consider support and stability, but whether your mat is for the home, studio or one that must fit in your backpack for weekends away.

As a general rule, there are 4 different yoga mat thickness types. Extra thick yoga mats (6mm+) are ideal for sensitive joints. Thick yoga mats (6mm) can protect joints and average yoga mats (4-5mm) are the most commonly used. Travel mats (1-2mm) are very thin but great for folding into a (small) suitcase!

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect yoga mat thickness:

  1. Consider your yoga style: The type of yoga you practice can play a role in determining the appropriate mat thickness. If you practice gentle or restorative yoga, a thicker mat may be more comfortable. If you practice a more vigorous or active style of yoga, you may prefer a thinner mat to provide better stability and balance.

  2. Check your comfort level: Try different thicknesses to see what feels most comfortable to you. A thicker mat may feel more cushioned but may also be less stable, while a thinner mat may feel more stable but less comfortable.

  3. Think about portability: If you plan to travel with your yoga mat or attend yoga classes outside your home, you may prefer a thinner mat that is lightweight and easy to carry.

  4. Consider the surface you'll be practicing on: If you will be practicing on a hard floor or a concrete surface, a thicker mat may provide better cushioning for your joints.

  5. Check the quality of the mat: The quality of the material used to make the mat can also affect its thickness. Higher quality mats may have a denser material, allowing for a thinner mat that still provides the necessary support and cushioning.

Ultimately, the perfect yoga mat thickness will depend on your personal preferences and needs. It may take some experimentation to find the right balance between comfort and stability, but once you find the perfect thickness, your yoga practice will be more enjoyable and effective.

After vigorous testing, the trademark yogat mat is a perfect 3.5mm thickness. Not only does it provide enough cushioning for sore joints no matter what surface you plan on rolling it out on but its foldable for travel and comes with a complimentary carry strap for carry-on luggage!