Paula May

Paula May is a freelance artist living and working on the coast just outside of Byron Bay, Australia.

Her work is a collection of: feelings, memories, natural landscapes, subconscious and conscious thoughts that form into colours and shapes when she interacts with paint onto canvas. Her work is primarily driven by the way she views the world and how she experiences her day to day life. Having grown up in one of the most beautiful natural areas in Australia, Paula has always held a deep appreciation for nature. Spending a lot of her time outdoors and by the ocean. She has travelled to many parts of the globe and has had the privilege to experience such diverse natural surroundings. With that experience she harvests much of her inspiration from the beautiful tones and textures this earth has to offer. 

Paula uses art as a form of therapy allowing her authentic self to come alive onto the canvas. Though she believes that being able to express yourself as an artist is important, she also believes in creating visually appealing pieces. Paula's aim is to create paintings that give life and meaning to the spaces we dwell.