Contemporising Yoga Mats with the Australian Landscape

Yogat Artist Frew Halbert

 With a view of the Thevenard deep sea port and the salt plant, it's no wonder this South Australian artist tells a story of her homeland in each canvas.

Yogat and Frew Halbert (AKA Sea Salt Creations) joined forces early in the year to create a yoga mat that not only showcased the beautifully rugged landscapes of South Australia but also told a contemporary story of the nature that surrounds the artist. 

"When we came across Frew's work, we knew it would translate onto a yoga mat. When you first look at Frew's work, you're instantly hit with beautifully bold shapes and colour, but its not until you look a little deeper, that you see the intricate detail, the fine brushwork and hidden marks." Say Cas Cooke, Yogat Creator. 

Frew says, "I am inspired by pattern and colour everywhere. The raised dots on a sea urchin, ripples in the water, ridges on a sand dune, a freshly opened monstera leaf and so much more." 

Frew is a Co-founder of Sea Salt Creations with her husband Grant and is a born and bred South Australian who has spent a lifetime on the furthest reaches of the remote west coast. 

Frew mixes both passion and work as an art teacher and in her free time creates amazing pieces of work that are inspired by her surroundings. Taking in colors and tones from the oceans and deliciously arid landscapes, Frew’s creative genius is her ability to transport a part of her world onto canvas and into peoples lives.

Buying artwork is a long-term purchase, Says Cas. "I wanted our yoga mats to be treasured in the same way. I wanted to create an artful experience for our customers and collaborating with artists like Frew allows us to create experiences that move beyond a canvas on the wall."

Yogat and Frew will be joining forces later this year on their second design, Flow, which will be featured in the Art Series Wellness Collection.

Artist Frew Halbert Yogat Artist

 Image of Frew Halbert with "Flow" courtesy Ella Halbert Photography

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