Shaking up the Brisbane Art Scene with Glorious Bursts of Colour

Lordy Dordie Collaborates with Yoga Mat Brand Yogat

Yogat and Brisbane's Queen of art Lordy Dordie celebrate their second collaboration.

Georgina Forbes and I met via one of our artist EOI rounds. I simply fell in love with her work and just had to team up with her. I mean, who wouldn't want to collaborate with Brisbane's Queen of art, Lordy Dordie!

For our first collaboration, we selected "Sunshine" to feature on one of our yoga mats. Sunshine was quite a different style for our brand, but I just knew the bold shapes and pops of colour would transfer beautifully onto a mat.  

We are both collaborators at heart, so the process of launching the design was hands-on and harmonious, with Georgina's audience embracing our brand from the get-go.  Sunshine, was one of our best selling yoga mats of all time and is still requested by customers from around the globe.

I would now consider Georgina one of my dear friends and am thrilled to reveal we'll be teaming up again, featuring Ocean Waves in the Art Series Wellness Collection.

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