From Kyoto to Skógafoss this Brisbane Artist Captures Landscapes Like Never Before


This sassy Brisbane artist sees the world through Kaleidoscope coloured glasses, painting landscapes that dreams are only made of. 

She's a wanderer who dreams of places yet travelled and paints the dream, and the experience of exploring the corners of the world.

"By unlocking an imaginative state I am able to create pieces prior to travelling, and I recreate these windows of colour again as re-imagined works once experienced." says Lucy.

Imagination on a canvas is how I would describe Lucy's work.  It's a contradiction and harmonious flow all at the same time. It's a juxtaposition, just like the nature - It's raw and smooth, its bold and gentle, it's light and it's dark. Cas Cooke, Yogat Creator says, "It's why I feel Lucy's art works so well on our yoga mats.  It typifies the very emotions that bubble up when we hit the mat."

Yogat and Lucy Knox met twelve months ago through one of their expression of interest programs and have since formed a collaborative bond, working together on a number of designs.

Their first collaboration featuring Kyoto 2, a piece reflecting the old world alleys and infinite doorways in the city nestled in the island of Honshu, Japan. And shorty, Skógafoss, a moody, yet unexpected vibrant piece of one of Iceland's biggest waterfalls.  

Skógafoss will be featured in the Art Series Wellness Collection.

Yogat Australian Yoga Mats with Original Artwork

Courtesy Lucy Knox, from her personal collection of images from Iceland.

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