The Most Colourful Yoga Mat To Inspire Your Next Workout

Yogat Artist Kirsten Jackson

Yogat and Melbourne Artist Kirsten Jackson launch Machine Washable yoga mat, Lasting Love.

What started as a passion project back in 2018, has since become a unique platform for Australian artists to showcase their work. Creator, Cas Cooke founded Yogat with a desire to inspire others to invest in their mental and physical health and knew that art was the special ingredient to entice the most reluctant of yogi onto the yoga mat.  

"The roadblocks are never-ending. Many think they need to be flexible, or perhaps of a certain age to enjoy yoga, but after finding yoga myself, I knew you didn't have to be either to enjoy the benefits and wanted to create a product that would remove those self-deflecting barriers." Says Cas Cooke.

Yogat has gone on to inspire both novice and seasoned yogi around the globe with their art-inspired yoga mats and have collaborated with over twenty Australian artists along the way. And for the first time, have teamed up with well-known Melbourne Artist, Kirsten Jackson on what is their most colourful mat to date. 

Cas says, "I've had my eye on Kirsten's work for some time and couldn't resist reaching out to her. Her work is beautifully bold and you cannot look at it without feeling happy. It's been a particularly difficult year for some, so I knew it would be a perfect design for those needing a little lift."

Kirsten admits painting is a form of meditation. "I walk into my studio and feel a sense of calm and excitement as I approach a new work. It's an intuitive process, and an honour to be able to evoke happiness for others to enjoy. Knowing my work will be experienced in a physical sense, feels full circle and incredibly special."

Lasting Love is a special edition, available for pre-order now and due to arrive mid-November. Yogat yoga mats are made from tree rubber and water-based inks, are machine washable and best of all feature original artwork. 

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